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Arabian Nights lyrics


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     Arabian Nights
    >> Sarah Brightman
        Part 1: Scimitar Moon
    Don't you forget the echo's of time
    Won't you regret the losing of minds
    In my dreams I'm searching across the desert sands for you
    Scimitar moon is guiding me close to your side

    Part 2: Voyage
    Wilderness to wilderness
    I travelled from afar
    On the soft wind of the the Nadq came fragrance of Araar
    Splendour of a thousand suns shone glory in my path
    No love more pure and rage more fierce
    Could still my beating heart

    Part 3: Promise
    So should I return to trace the shadows of my chases
    My steps will echo there from sand to stone
    I will never let my eyelids close on empty spaces
    My dreams will fill the void with tales unknown
    Know the mighty infinite obscures the far horizon
    The whispered road I take will never bend
    And will the wind return my story to its promise
    Or will my story chase me to the end

    Part 4: Hamesha

    Part 5: Alone
    Melodies unspoken flowing from the lotus of my heart
    Ending where we start
    Promises unbroken promising a never-ending fire of love beyonddesire
    Ending where we start
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